Tokenize that!

Story Vortex is an experiment with tokenized tales, all sorts of tales. From event tickets to music to art to everything under the sun, NFTs reinvented digital ownership. It's now time to tokenize narratives.

These narratives will be available in many different formats, be it text, audio, videos, images, and more. Bespoke stories based on a word prompt of your choice, dream snippets, unsolicited advice, heartfelt compliments, cat stories, random thoughts, fake trivia and much more.

Each story NFT is unique, an edition of one, crafted especially for the buyer, based on a word prompt of their choice, their personal expressions, or synchronicity.

Just easy as A B C. Do the dance, do the…

The personalized stories are written by experienced writers and improv comedians. This project aims to grow and nurture a community of writers and creators, which will get commissions and royalties from the NFTs sold.

Part of the revenue will also go to a community fund, and the creators can then choose projects and initiatives to invest in with the fund.

The project will start with an initial team, and submissions will be open for new writers as demand calls for it.

Writers and community will be at the center front of Story Vortex

Story Vortex is supported by and will be released on / soon. Meanwhile you can check our and .

Stories shape life, bring meaning to life, create life. Let’s live it out!